Name of App: Measured

Release Date: December 16, 2011

Section on App Store: Productivity and Utilities

Price: US $5.99

Made for: iPhone iOS 4.3 and up (compatible with iPhone and iPod touch 4th generation)

Developer: Hollingtech Software LLC

Contact: Alex Hollingsworth (Email (twitter: @hollingtech) (facebook:

Developer website:

iTunes Link to Measured:

Promo video:

App icon

Measured App Store Icon

Screenshot (Notice Measured can measure the room, the window, and even the objects through the window)

As a testament to Measured's accuracy, the actual measurements of the center window below were taken, and found to be 6'2" tall by 8'0.2" wide. That is an error of 0.1% in width, and 2.2% in height.

Measured organizes all of your measurements by folder, and identifies whether you measured the dimensions with a tape measure or with the app.

For precision applications, you can manually key in measurements you have taken yourself using the elegant, metric/imperial keyboard.

Name and edit your folders

Emails you send out show how you took the measurements in each picture. Every picture in the email is also automatically rotated, so you don't have to turn your head sideways to see the landscape photos.

The camera interface is extremely intuitive and allows you to quickly snap a picture, change the step count, or get quick on-screen instructions. The UI automatically rotates to function in Portrait or landscape.

The zoom window reduces jitter, and intelligently follows your finger around the screen. It also actively keeps out of your way, so you can always see what you're zooming in on.

zoom window

Tapping the ? mark gives straight-forward, and simple labels, in case you need a refresher on what the buttons do.

Measure objects up close, or even objects further away.