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Measure. Store. Share.

If you are a contractor, realtor, interior decorator, do-it-yourselfer, or anyone else who ever needs to measure something quickly, accurately, and effortlessly, your job is about to get a whole lot easier.

Measured, for the iPhone®, and iPod Touch® (4th generation), allows you to measure just about anything in the pictures you take, with no tape measure or frame of reference in the pictures. It also gives you the option to key in measurements that you have taken yourself.

Click here to watch the Measured video.


Name and organize your folders so you can easily remember where you took your measurements.


Icons help you remember whether you took measurements with Measured, or with a tape measure.


Export your images with dimensions to the photo album or email individually or many at a time.

Step Size is the Reference

The magic behind Measured is that it compares two pictures to take measurements. You only need to tell Measured which size shoe you wear, and adjust the step count between the pictures.

Snap Step Snap

  • Snap 1st picture.
  • Step heel-to-toe at least 1/3 of the distance toward the objects you are measuring. Change the step count as needed.
  • Snap 2nd picture.

Tilt Compensation

Measured uses the iPhone/iPod Touch sensors to accurately measure even when you have to tilt your device up or down to take the picture. Don't worry about holding the device perfectly upright either--Measured adjusts for minor rotation offset as well, and works in Portrait or Landscape orientations.


Measure Width or Height in Seconds


Tap width or height, and align the arrow with what you want to measure in both pictures.


The zoom window's crosshair shows up over light or dark images, and actively keeps itself visible.


Measure now, or come back later to measure more things. Share the pictures with your friends and colleagues.

And Much More

Measure Close and Far

Take a look at the 1st picture to the right. We measured the circular window closer to us, the size of the balcony and windows below us, as well as the rooflines and the chimney vent in the distance.





Edit With a Tap

By simply tapping the Edit button, we are able to instantly find distances and elevation changes. We can also change units, colors, and location of the dimensions.





Make Life Easier

Using a tape measure on a ladder can be dangerous. Jotting dimensions on a sheet of paper is a hassle. Losing that sheet of paper is a real nightmare. Measured solves these problems and inconveniences because everything you need is right there on your iPhone or iPod Touch.



What About Precision Applications?

Measured has been designed to meet the demands of every job. That is why we added the ability to type in measurements you take yourself.
Storing measurements on the elegant interface is simple and quick. Just add the arrows and type in the dimensions. Imperial/US decimal and fraction, as well as metric units are all supported.
All of your dimensions can be edited, organized and exported. Any change you need to make is never more than a tap away.